-  BIO  -

Via Victoria is an American Alternative-Rock band from Los Angeles, California. After the kismet break-ups of their two previous bands, Devin Kennedy (vocals, guitar) and Will Ventres (vocals, guitar) began writing material for a new project. The two of them spent countless nights composing pop-rock anthems for the band’s upcoming EP. With Ryan Takemura taking the throne on drums, and Jake Hansen completing the rhythm section on bass, the four of them recorded five tracks at the illustrious Sonic Ranch Recording Studio in El Paso, Texas. With all of the pieces falling into place, the four paths that lead to Via Victoria are crashing their way into the music stratosphere.

-  members  -

Will Ventres  -



Hailing from the small town of East Haddam, CT, Will moved across the country to pursue a dream in music. Formerly of the band, A Breakaway, he writes his heart and soul into the music he plays and will stop at nothing to share it with the world. He's also never gonna give you up or run around and desert you.

Devin Kennedy  -



Los Angeles born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days.... Devin has been in bands since the age of 13. First playing drums in local bands around LA he decided to take the mic as a frontman for his previous band Last Night's Stand. He enjoys rigorous vocal warm ups and sweet but firmly sour chamomile tea.

Ryan Takemura  -



The drum prodigy from Los Angeles (formerly of A Seasonal Effect and Mammoth) continues to beat the hell out of a drum kit and wow any crowd with heavily trained feel and chops. He also has a college degree in geography so we're never lost.

Jake Hansen  -



No shirt, no shoes, no problem. After a brief semester of institutionalized education in Nashville, Jake made a decision to become a full time student of life instead. Not long after, he found his way to the heart of the City of Angels and has never looked back. He lives his life for the love of music because music is love. Be here now. Namaste.

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